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we are aimfully books

Aimfully Books is a crowdfunding art book publisher opened to independent artists in hard to reach places of the world who have a unique, artistic, and exciting visual story to tell.

Tio Diego created Aimfully Books to make friends from around the world and learn to express our creativity together.

How do we do that? The proceeds from our sales contribute to art workshops in communities worldwide and one day will also support our school.

Consider buying and crowdfunding our books, support our artists and follow our journey @aimfullybooks

Discover your inner artist!

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We sponsor traveling artists who immerse themselves in communities worldwide, teaching, sharing, learning, and teaching us back.

Our goal is to find creatives and fantastic artists in the furthest corners of the globe and help them share their work with the world.

Connecting art, mindfulness, distant communities and giving back is at our mission’s core.

Aimfully Books supports artists from all over the world. Join our tribe now.

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