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Are you with a grassroots school in a remote community of the world that can host an artist safely, fostering cultural exchange? Get involved!

Aimfully Books partners with organizations and NGOs around the world dedicated to educating their communities. We help introduce art and a little bit of entrepreneurship in the process.

How do we do that?

We sponsor traveling artists who immerse themselves in communities worldwide, teaching, sharing, learning, and teaching us back.

It’s a cultural exchange!

In 2012, our uncle was a backpacker. He’s always been passionate about world cultures and communities. In 2016, Tio Diego started building micro-libraries along his travels, providing educational books, from novels to children’s books. He hoped that access to books would spark creativity. He found out that the logistics, expenses, and ability to follow up were complicated, to say the least. Give a child a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach her how to fish, and you feed her for a lifetime.

So he developed storytelling and art workshops and began teaching kids—including us—how to make books!

Now, we take these workshops to you with the help of artists looking for cultural exchanges. We all can make friends from around the world and learn to express our creativity together!

Can your community host an artist, and can you help organize their workshops? If so, we’d love to sponsor a visit.

Our vetted artists will need a safe space, lodging, and meals. Is it a school you are representing? An afterschool program? We’ll iron out the details together.

We will teach storytelling and how to make an art book to your students with a chance to run a contest to publish your winning art book. We will document their journey. It’s an experience for everybody!

If you can’t host an artist, you can still apply to get the workshops, host them yourself, and go at your own pace.

Art and storytelling are how we connect with distant communities, generating social impact. Join us!

Nominate your school, apply to host an artist, or self-host our workshops. Get in touch and tell us a little bit about your school!

Aimfully Books supports grassroots schools,
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