The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book – A Book with a Mission

More than 150 of the best street artists in the world collaborated to create a series of premium coloring books for a social cause. Diego Orlandini, a writer and illustrator from Miami, Florida orchestrated a one-year long project along with some of the best names in the street art community to create The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book.

Legendary street artists Kenny Scharf, D*Face, Vhils, Ron English, Cryptik, Elle, Saner, Crash, The London Police, Case, Fin DAC, Meres, Daleast, Icy & Sot, Sego, Kashink, Vexta, Beau Stanton, Lady Pink, and Daze are among the selection of world-class muralists featured in the book.


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A total of 153 artists participated in the street art coloring book series that might be the largest collaboration of street artists in the world.

New York-based street artist John “Crash” Matos said about Aimful Books: “it takes a village, and in this case a global village to raise children. Every book that is sold helps building micro-libraries where they are needed the most.”

Fallen Rose, painter and street artist based in Miami, shared his recent experience with Aimful Books: “This is the real deal! I’ve personally been to schools in Cambodia they donate books to.”

The coloring pages are replicas of murals from all over the world; from famous neighborhoods such as Brooklyn and Wynwood, to big cities like Los Angeles, and Paris, and hidden gems from Australia to Jordan.

British Street Artist D* Face (Photo: D* Face)

Creating this book took thousands of hours. Artists of the caliber of D*Face, British iconic street artist and friend of Banksy, joined the project along with the impressive list of artists excited to share their gift with the world while participating in tangible social good. Portuguese muralist, Vhils whose groundbreaking carving technique is recognized as one of the most compelling approaches to street art created in the last decade, also participated in the book.

Coloring pages in the book featuring Vexta (left) and Vhils (right)

Aimful Books mission is to spread the appreciation of the urban arts, to help people relax with coloring as a form of dynamic meditation, and to aid in the education of children in need: Every coloring book sold is matched with a free educational textbook that Aimful Books donates to schools around the world.

Spanish artist Okuda’s mural in Miami, FL

Mural by Marka27 in Lynn, Massachusetts

Their latest addition to the series, The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book, is a hardcover gorgeous book, perfect to place at your coffee table and impress your friends or to gift to your art enthusiast niece, or for the whole family to share. The book showcases bona fide black and white versions of more than one hundred murals from across the world.

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