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Going alone is hard. Making a book is often a lonely process—any kind of book, including art books. If, on top of that, you need to publish it, market it, and distribute it… Forget it… You are in for a long road. We know it.

We’ve discovered that we can make it more fun with the help of our friends.

Instead of spending excessive time and effort making a book alone, learning to tell. a compelling story, chasing after publishers, trying to get noticed, or going through the long and arduous self-publishing route, we thought you’d be more effective in showing what you have to the community and letting them decide if they want to back you up.

With their support, we can undertake the challenges of publishing and distributing your book, and you can focus on what you love the most: your craft.

It’s the best of both worlds, not to mention the social impact at the core of our mission, which you’d be a part of.

All you need is a great idea and the willingness to share your story.

We are open to all independent artists from around the world interested in expressing their unique art and turning it into world-class art books. We look for unique, artistic, illustrated, and exciting book ideas for all ages, memorable books, and the best in their narrow niche. We are looking for world-inspired stories, culture, and expression.

If accepted, we will provide guidance! You’ll gain access to our storytelling and bookmaking workshops and the creative entrepreneurship program that will help you tell your story and make a living off your art.

Are you interested in traveling while you work on your book and have a transformative experience? Don’t forget to apply for this, too.

Just want access to the workshops? (Creative entrepreneurship program not included). Click Here

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