Denton Burrows was born and raised in Manhattan, NY, where he is still based as a full-time professional illustrator, fine artist, muralist and artistic entrepreneur. He received is BA in the Arts from Lehigh University and his Masters in illustration from The School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Denton has done professional illustration, but showing in a gallery setting and creating murals are his passions. Connecting with people in person about his work is what matters most. Naturally, the ever changing, high energy organism that is New York City has always been an inspiration first and foremost, but current events, travel, and a general exploration of new experiences and alternative culture fuel his work as well. It is essentially “surreal social commentary.” Denton has created countless murals in over 12 states and is deeply embedded in the NYC street art scene/culture. Most recently, Denton won the 2016 National Can Art competition for PBR Beer and had his winning design on 35 million cans.

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