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Welcome to Aimfully Books! We help artists crowdfund their book and we aim to generate positive social impact through art. 

Explore ways you can join:

Become a Backer

If you are here, it might be because one of our authors invited you to become a backerWhen a book is in the development stage, it means you have a chance to fund it and become a an early access backer! The book has not been printed yet and our author need you support to make their book a reality. You will see a bar that look like this:

Initial production costs are covered when the book reaches 100% — that includes the artist’s pay!

Once a book is funded and printed, we will contact you to confirm your address and ship your copy immediately.

If the book does not reach the threshold needed, we will notify you and refund your contribution.

We keep successfully funded books in stock. Those titles have a tag like this one:

Active title purchases are processed immediately, and shipped to you within our standard times.

We publish unique, artistic, and exciting books that are world-inspired and created by independent artists worldwide, often in hard-to-reach places. Visit the FAQs section to learn more.

Our main goal is to connect communities and empower artists to share their gifts. That’s why help artists publish their works, offer access to education, sponsor journeys and help bring programs to advance creative development in underprivileged areas of the world and at home.

Crowdfund your book
Get your book idea funded by the community. When a book is funded, initial production costs are covered including the artist pay. We look for unique, artistic, illustrated, exciting book ideas for all ages and from all over the world.
sponsored journeys

Are you a traveling artist, or do you want to be one? We want to sponsor your journey if you are willing to teach. You’ll document your experience, meet interesting cultures and have the opportunity to share your journey with our community.

artist scholarships

We offer scholarships to the Creative Entrepreneurship program. It’d help you make a living from your creative work or get great jobs.

host an artist

Can your community host an artist and help organize workshops and culture exchange? If so, we’d love to sponsor a visit.

host a workshop