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Aimfully Books is a not-for-profit crowdfunding book publisher aiming to generate positive social impact. We believe in connecting communities and artists sharing their gifts. That’s why we sponsor journeys and help bring programs to advance creative development in underprivileged areas of the world and at home.

Oh! We also help artists publish their art books.

See below to explore how to join us.

Crowdfund your art book
Get your book idea funded by the community. When a book is funded, initial production costs are covered including the artist pay. We look for unique, artistic, illustrated, exciting book ideas for all ages and from all over the world.
sponsored journeys
Are you a traveling artist, or do you want to be one? We want to sponsor your journey if you are willing to teach. You’ll document your experience, meet interesting cultures and have the opportunity to share yourself.
artist scholarships

We offer scholarships to the Creative Entrepreneurship program. It’d help you make a living of your creative work.

host an artist

Can your community host an artist and help organize workshops
and culture exchange? If so, we’d love to sponsor a visit.

host a workshop