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We are loving The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book!! The quality of the designs is amazing (and the perforation makes it so easy to share). My 8 year old nephew and 11 year old niece can’t get enough of it. Thank you!!
I ordered the Brooklyn Coloring Book and the quality of the paper is great! The images are fantastic! I’ve always admired street art so getting to color some is a great joy. I also ordered a PDF of the Street Art Coloring book so i’s fun to be able to print a page multiple times on paper you like! Shipping was really quick on both items!
Superior quality hardcover book! The pages are premium quality. The ink is extremely detailed! The art found inside is very diverse selection of top notch artist! I am an upcoming artist in Miami Fl and I humbly appreciate the consideration to be on this book along side such notarized and established artists! Thank you Aimful Coloring Books! I recommend this book to both adults and kids alike!
This is the second adult coloring book I’ve purchased from Aimful Books and I couldn’t be happier. What a great idea to put street art in an adult coloring book, it never gets old! It’s awesome that the artists get exposure and even more awesome that books are donated to children in need! I can’t wait for the next one.
As one of the artists in the book, I already was excited and honored to be in the publication. I just got my copies today and I’m sooooo amazed at the quality of the books! They’re beautifully done. I’m almost hesitant to color in them 🙂 Beautiful book for such an important cause. Thank you Aimful Coloring Books for letting me be part of this project.
Omg it just arrived. I didn’t realize I was getting an embossed hardback edition. Well worth the wait. This is by far the coolest coloring book in my collection. Now I can color like a pro. Thank you guys so much. Keep up the great work!!!!!!! I love what you guys are doing!!!

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