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Unique books from

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A Blooming Earth





“Learn while you color!

Take a journey through Earth, coloring gorgeous patterns inspired by the most popular flowers from every corner of the world, and discover fascinating facts about each one.

Buy now for hours of fun relaxation and discover your inner artist!”

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Flowers from Every Continent Coloring Book

Discover flowers in every continent, from Papua New Guinea’s Sepik Blue Orchid to the Argentinian Ceibo, home of spirits and gods.

The book is 6 x 9 inches and has 115 pages. It’s ideal to take with you in a handbag. Printed single-sided means you can color with freedom.

Whether you’re a seasoned coloring book enthusiast or just starting, this book offers hours of relaxation, artistic expression, and knowledge.

Each page contains the name of the flower shown for reference, their country or origin, and a curious fact about it.

Did you know Jamaica’s national flower is called the “”wood of life””? Or that the Pohutukawa is known as the New Zealand Christmas tree because it blooms with vibrant red flowers around the holiday season?

Divided by continents, discover flowers from Norway, Sweden, Scotland, and many other countries.

Grab your favorite colored pencils, and let the journey begin!


  • Wide variety of beautiful flowers in this unique botanical coloring book for adults.
  • Includes both simple and intricate designs to accommodate any skill level.
  • 44 unique patterns to color (no duplicates)
  • Includes roses, daisies, tulips, sunflowers, dahlias, orchids and many more!
  • Printed single-sided so each design has its own page
  • Flowers are divided by continent, and each one includes little-known facts and country of origin
  • Travel size: take it with you anywhere


The Artist

Inspired by the artwork and research of Argentinan artist extraordinaire Camila Juncos.

Camila creates hand-painted watercolor illustrations and prints. Her designs have texture, color, and freshness. She is inspired by nature in all its forms. She teaches in-person and virtual watercolor workshops in her native city of Cordoba, Argentina. Her purpose is to help people disconnect from routine to reconnect with themselves through art.

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5 reviews for A Blooming Earth

  1. Janet R.

    I’m obsessed with “”A Blooming Earth!”” These flower designs are seriously cool. Plus, there’s awesome flower trivia on every page. Single-sided printing is genius – no smudging! It’s like a flower world tour in a coloring book! I love the continent drawings. That was a bonus I didn’t know about!

  2. Parveen K.

    A Blooming Earth is my new coloring buddy. It’s got flowers from all over the globe, and I learn fun stuff about them as I color. This book goes wherever I do, and it’s perfect for relaxing and being creative.

  3. Alicja D.

    A Blooming Earth”” rocks! The flower designs are super intricate, and I get to pick my level of detail. If you love flowers and coloring, this book is a must-have! It’s compact too, which means I can take it to the park near my work. I love it.

  4. Frank G.

    I’m hooked on this coloring book. The flower patterns are on point, and the cool flower info makes it even better. I wish the flower photos were colored but that’s okay. No biggie. No worries about smudging either since it’s printed on one side only. This book is my go-to for chilling and coloring.

  5. Isabella T.

    I love the mission behind Aimfully Books. I am a supporter for sure. About this book, I can say the flower designs are gorgeous, and the facts are a sweet bonus. It’s pocket-sized for coloring on the move. For flower lovers and coloring fans, this is it!

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