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Unique books from

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Dual Coloring Pencils, Baby ( White Box )





Set of 12 soft wax-based coloring pencils in 6 dual-ended pencils. Double-ended colored pencils provide twice the color options in half the space. Perfect for shading and creating gradation effects, each pencil features complementary light and dark tips that make color transitions easy.

Available colors: red, yellow, blue, navy blue, sky blue, green, dark green, dark purple, royal purple, wine, orange and brown.

Free coloring tutorial included (scannable code on the label).

Comes in a white travel box that can be carried with you anywhere.

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6 reviews for Dual Coloring Pencils, Baby ( White Box )

  1. L. Christensenr

    Nice double-ended colored pencils. Worked perfectly. Compact and easy to keep in my purse.

  2. Dev Lee, FL

    I bought these to use in my coloring books. Great pencils. There are soft, which makes it easy for me. The hand-painted box is cute and the coloring tutorial on the label is really helpful. I love it. Better than the big brands..

  3. Flo of Troy

    Colorful and smooth writing pencils. Two colors on each pencil makes them easy to store.

  4. L. Humphrey, CA

    Excellent coloring pencils! I love the diversity of colors and the price is fantastic. This is a great deal and a fantastic touch to combine it with the books; makes for a perfect gift set. I purchased three sets for my nephews.

  5. Karen Libby, NY

    Amazing! Gave it as a gift along with The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book. My sister loved it. It was great to have to option to get the coloring pencils because as it turns out my sister didn’t have any! It was the perfect gift.

  6. Florence Troy, MN

    Colorful and smooth pencils. Two colors on each pencil makes them easy to store.

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