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The Book

The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book is a premium art book featuring the most celebrated street artists from around the world. The eclectic coloring book offers 140 woodfree paper pages with perforated coloring pages showcasing authentic replicas of the best street art murals. The pages are black and grayscale detailed illustrations that can be colored, detached, and framed. The book includes an artist directory with full-color pictures of the original murals so you can try to replicate them. Keep this collector’s item on your coffee table, impress your friends, and explore your artistic side by coloring this book’s perforated pages and bringing the museum home!

This coloring book provides various intricacy levels for you to color at ease. From the whimsical to the historical, from pop culture references to social commentaries, The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book is your private collection of one-of-a-kind murals from Miami to Manhattan, from Paris to Tijuana. Discover hidden street art gems from Canada to Jordan, and learn from these great street artists.

We developed this book in coordination with hundreds of artists for over a year, spending thousands of hours illustrating the selected murals and turning them into detailed black & grayscale coloring pages. The illustrations are loaded with details, giving you hours of entertainment. Some others are simpler, providing you with the quick satisfaction of completing a coloring page.

Join legendary street artists Kenny Scharf, D*Face, Vhils, Ron English, Cryptik, Elle, Saner, Crash, Starfighter, The London Police, Case, Fin DAC, Meres, Daleast, Icy And Sot, Sego, Kashink, Vexta, Beau Stanton, Daze, and a 100 other acclaimed muralists.

We crafted this book with high-quality materials, a matte finish, and gorgeous embossing. It has a durable sewn binding and thick no-bleed through woodfree paper that is environmentally friendly and soft to the touch. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, it has become a favorite among all ages.

Coloring relaxes you and helps you release stress. It’s a form of dynamic meditation that adds color to your life (quite literally!)

Discover the world’s most celebrated street art with The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book as seen on NBC, NPR, Slate, Curbed, The Miami Herald, Miami New Times, The Sentinel, and more.

The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book is the largest collaboration of street artists for a social cause in the world. The book is not only an exciting artistic collaboration, it’s also a part of Aimfully Books’ social impact efforts: Every art book sold helps provide art-related education in underprivileged communities.

Choose between the standard paperback or the luxurious oversized hardcover deluxe edition – an eye-catching addition to your coffee table that will impress friends and spark conversations.


  • Over 100 of the best street artists in the world
  • Accurate mural-based illustrations from minimal to highly detailed
  • 140 eco-friendly woodfree pages, perforated & easily detachable
  • Thick, no-bleed-through paper for you to color with freedom
  • Resistant sewn binding made to last
  • Artist directory included
  • Full-color pictures of the original murals so you can replicate them
  • Great art therapy tool; relax while you color & discover your inner artist
  • Thousands of satisfied collectors
  • Part of the Street Art Coloring Book series by Aimfully Books, including The Wynwood Coloring Book and The Brooklyn Coloring Book

Premium Paperback:

  • Lite Portable Edition
  • Durable embossed softcover, matte finish
  • 8″” wide x 8″” tall x 0.6″” spine
  • Weights 1 lb 3.2 oz.

Premium Hardcover:

  • Oversize Deluxe Edition
  • Durable embossed hardcover, matte finish
  • 9.84″” wide x 9.84″” tall x 0.87″” spine
  • Weights 2 lb 6.4 oz.


The Artists

The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book features murals by legendary street artists Kenny Scharf, D*Face, Vhils, Ron English, Lady Pink, Cryptik, Elle, Saner, Crash, Starfighter, The London Police, Case, Fin DAC, Meres, Daleast, Icy And Sot, Sego, Kashink, Vexta, Beau Stanton, Daze, and a 100 other acclaimed muralists from around the world.

Here’s the list of the artists who participated in this successfully crowdfunded art project:

Abe Lincoln, Jr.
Alice Mizrachi
Anat Ronen
Anthea Missy
Anthony WeirdEyeOne
Arm of Casso
Beau Stanton
Billy Mode
Bonus Saves
Bortusk Leer
Case Maclaim
Chris Pyrate
Chris Riggs
Chris RWK
Christopher Sweeney
Courtney Einhorn
Denton Burrows
Devin Caserta
Don Rimx
Elian Chali
Ernesto Maranje
Fallen Rose
Fintan Magee
Gonzalo Borondo
Hugh Leeman
Icy And Sot
Interesni Kazki
Jason Botkin
Jeff Henriquez
Jessie & Katey
Joe Iurato
John Tindel
Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez
Kenny Scharf
Kevin Ledo
Know Hope
Kyle Hughes-Orgers
Lady Pink
Lexi Bella
Luis Valle
Mac Stewart
Marc Evan
Marcus Blake
Mata Ruda
Meres One
Michel Velt
Mina Hamada
Miss Zukie
Monique Lassooij
Mr. Prvrt
Never 2501
Patch Whisky
Pawn Price
Queen Andrea
Real 3
Rei Ramirez
Renda Writer
Ron English
Rush Bowles
Sarah Emerson
Skott Marsi
Spencer Keeton Cunningham
Sten Lex
Studio FLOP
Tanner Wilson
The London Police
Vero Rivera
Yuhmi Collective
Ziv Lahat
Zosen Bandido

Get the book now and learn more about one hundred of the best street artists in the world.

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15 reviews for The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book

  1. Starfighter, famous street artist (verified owner)

    WWOWWW Unbelievable gorgeous!!!

  2. Fallen Rose, Miami muralist, Aimfullybooks.com (verified owner)

    Very proud and honored to have a mural I painted in Thailand included with this beautifully made book. Just got my copy in the mail. For every book you order they donate a book to a child in need. I’ve personally been to schools in Cambodia they donate books to. This is the real deal!!! I’ve seen this first hand. This is a high-quality table book!

  3. Eoin, street artist, Aimfullybooks.com (verified owner)

    I arrived home on the weekend to see the books, I have gifted one to my fiance so she can colour in all the works! Great work on the book and project as a whole! The book is nice high quality and a great finish.

  4. Crash, NYC street artist, Aimfullybooks.com (verified owner)

    It takes a village, and in this case a global village to raise children… every book that is sold helps building micro-libraries where they are needed the most

  5. Curbed Magazine (verified owner)

    If you can’t be a master graffiti artist this might be the next best thing.

  6. Rachel Z, FL (verified owner)

    This might be the best coloring book you don’t know about. A true gem!

  7. Dirk D. (verified owner)

    Just received my Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book this afternoon. Top of the line illustrations and premium book quality! Coffee table approved!

  8. D. Barry, NY (verified owner)

    The art is amazing. The book is sturdy and each page is thick and perforated, making it easy to remove and display.

  9. D. Walker, TX (verified owner)

    The quality is premium across the board from front cover to the back.

  10. Oliver Reese, Aimfullybooks.com (verified owner)

    I’ve tried hundreds of coloring books and this one is different because it has so much quality: the art, the information, the details, the cover, the paper! Just Wow!

  11. Michelle Farmer Matson (verified owner)

    Love this adult coloring book. The material is eco friendly yet high in quality. Pages are perforated for easy removal to frame or send to friend or loved one. The art is unique, unlike most adult coloring books and the concept of wynwood street artist collection is fascinating. I also love how they’ve included short bios about the artists in the back of the book. Brings my ”doodle time” to another level. My absolute favorite thing about purchasing this book is that an educational textbook is provided to children in need. A nourishment from soul to soul.

  12. Kickstarter (verified owner)

    The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book might be the largest collaboration of street artists for a social cause seen in years. It might be the only project that combines art, mindfulness, education and giving back–all in one package!

  13. Anne K., Aimfullybooks.com (verified owner)

    This is the second adult coloring book I’ve purchased from Aimful Books and I couldn’t be happier. What a great idea to put street art in an adult coloring book, it never gets old! It’s awesome that the artists get exposure and even more awesome that books are donated to children in need! I can’t wait for the next one.

  14. Abe Lincoln Jr., Aimfullybooks.com (verified owner)

    Ok so Im an artist in the book. Of course its 5 stars! That said this books overall quality, depth and array of artists surprised me more than anything. First its a hardback book, and its got a really nice sturdy cover and thick quality paper.There are tons of street and mural artists from famous to newcomers. Alice Mizrahi, D*Face, Bortusk Leer, CRASH, Icy and Sot, Kenny Scharf and more are in this book. Well worth it! Be sure to pick one up!

  15. Pawn Price, Aimfullybooks.com (verified owner)

    I was just showing my wife what you have been working towards and we love it. So awesome to see this all come to life and evolve over the past few years. And so happy to see how you are applying it towards social good

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