Wynwood is considered the largest street art district in the world thanks to the hundreds of artists who flock during Art Basel, and throughout the year, to repaint this famed Miami neighborhood with impressive murals and expanding works of art.

Similarly, thousands of visitors tour the Wynwood Walls and surrounding streets in search of the perfect photo with one of the thousands of murals that cover the once-neglected neighborhood. It comes to no surprise that The British publication The Telegraph named Wynwood the most instagrammable city in the world.

What once was abandoned warehouses and garage shops is now one of the hottest districts in Miami, Florida. It’s home to restaurants, bars, boutiques, and a few remaining art galleries. A quick search of the hashtag #wynwood on Instagram will reveal millions of posts: Fashionistas capturing the glamour of the walls, photographers finding the best light and shadows, and smiling tourists sharing their adventures in the form of selfies.

Forty-four of the most popular murals in Wynwood are now represented in a premium coloring book. The Wynwood Coloring Book comes packed with fabulous artwork of Wynwood. That’s right, a coloring book is the coolest souvenir you can get in Wynwood today. Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. This exciting pastime that transformed into a global phenomenon taking adults by storm is also a fixture of the Wynwood culture. No visit to Wynwood is complete until you’ve taken The Wynwood Coloring Book home with you too.


Print at home our favorite coloring pages for free

The second edition of the Wynwood Coloring Book features top artists from Wynwood and the world, and it’s the first one of a series of one-for-one adult coloring books published by Aimful Books. Following the example of companies such as Toms Shoes, Warby Parker, and State Bag, every book sold is matched with a free textbook given to children and schools in need around the world.

Along with the fantastic street artists, Diego Orlandini, the author of the book, created an improved version of The Wynwood Coloring Book with all brand-new coloring pages. Selfies or not, now taking a piece of Wynwood with you is a lot easier and more affordable. “Our mission is to give you the opportunity to engage your creative mind while following the steps of your favorite street artists, reimagining the colors of Wynwood’s famous walls,” Orlandini adds.

Beau Stanton’s mural colored in The Wynwood Coloring Book 2

Ron English Wynwood mural and its page in the book

The Wynwood Coloring Book 2 contains the works of prominent world street artists such as Ron English, Okuda, El Seed, Case, Felipe Pantone, Kevin Ledo, FinDac, Cryptik, and Daleast murals. Local talent is also well represented in The Wynwood Coloring Book 2. The works of Marcus Blake, Skott Marsi, Aquarela, Freaky Kiss, Claudia La Bianca, Ernesto Maranje, Kazilla, Luis Valle, Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez, and Renda Writer along many others can be colored in the book.

Now visitors can take Wynwood with them, not only in their Instagram accounts but also in the form of a premium adult coloring book.

Daniel Osorno’s mural as seen in The Wynwood Coloring Book 2

“I feel like an artist,” says Samantha H. a tourist visiting from Ohio who recently purchased a copy of the book at The Wynwood Walls Shop. Reimagining the colors of Wynwood’s famous walls in this 76-page book, printed on high-quality environmentally conscious woodfree paper perfect for coloring is quite the treat.

The stunning compilation of black and white pages inspired by renowned artists of the Wynwood community has been called “absolutely amazing” by The Miami New Times.

“The Wynwood Coloring Book is a lot of things. It’s a tool for mindfulness, to help people take a break from the hustle and remember a simpler time. It’s a souvenir for visitors who want to bring home a part of this place. And it’s a time capsule, capturing Wynwood at a pivotal moment in its young life, preserving today’s art long after it is painted over to make way for a new mural. It also lets you be part of the work, regardless of your level of artistic skill.”

The New Tropic

The relaxing coloring book includes easy-to-color patterns, mixed with intricate designs. The high-quality pages and masterful illustrations make it a great art gift, Miami souvenir, a perfect addition to your coffee table, or an on-the-go art therapy tool. The Wynwood Coloring Book makes a perfect centerpiece for your coffee table, a tasteful gift, and a formidable way for you to keep astonishing art at home.

Next time you visit Miami during Art Basel or for the holiday season, don’t forget to take with you the coolest souvenir home. Get them here.

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